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self-employment income that I anticipate for the current or projected tax year has changed significantly from the self-employment income reported on my prior ...
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I love my friends welcome to Canadian immigration channel topic of the day how to confirm work experience for a self-employed individual I would say like over the years I see this common trend that more and more people are getting self-employed so either as IT consultant or say software programmers or we have different types of business consultants there would be people working in advertisement area whatever it is you are working for yourself it should not necessarily be formed as a business as a corporation maybe you are just a sole proprietor maybe you're just a self-employed individual and you have somehow to demonstrate your work experience to immigration authorities so how can you do this obviously the same way as everybody else immigration officers want to confirm only three points here whether your work experience was paid or not right so it was a paid position they want to confirm your job duties and compare that with NOC code so they just want to make sure that this NOC code these duties they correspond to what exactly you were doing and they want to make sure that you were working either full-time or part-time now these three points should be reflected in any documents which you would provide for example you are paid for your services you are a web designer so you could confirm the fact that you were paid you have banking transactions maybe you were paid in checks maybe you were paid via PayPal whatever kid confirmed the fact that you were paid perfectly fine now second thing could be references from customers references from partners for example you will work in in a team or for a team of software developers they could give a reference to you you get customers who can confirm that they were employing you for a certain period of time to develop a website for them and they could list your duties what exactly you were doing that for them say you were working together on a budget you were working on the project in term of website design whatever could be in there I mean in terms of the website development which could confirm your duties that could cover the second part of the second question which immigration officer is asked and the last one whether it was full-time or part-time well sometimes your customers would be able to identify how many hours this project was for how many days this project was for sometimes it's quite clear because different platforms where you sell your services such as like freelance comm and others would lease the number of hours you were working and there are so a number of hours built maybe it would be in a document in a contract between you and your customer so anything which could prove that you will work in full time and just for your reference full time is 30 plus hours per week in terms of immigration legislation or you were working part-time say 15 hours per week either or you could proof would work perfectly fine and again it could be any type of self-employment as long as you are able to...